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Rise up, o Church!


A growing remnant of people are rising up in spiritual authority.


Spiritual bridges are being made while practical work at national governmental ranks is being established. Teaching is rolled out to the churches and schools for disciples to understand Kingdom principles and the significance of God's heart for Israel in the past, present, and future.


The body of Christ is coming together in love, learning how to walk on water, heeding the constant voice of the Lord and following where He calls. Understanding the voice of the Good Shepherd, believers are outgrowing the stagnant season of fence-sitting and taking up their places in partnership with God's will on Earth. 

Behold Ministries has been impacting the nations since 2013.

Highlights include:

•  Pioneering a YWAM School for Jewish Studies in New Zealand
•  Apostolic pioneering in the Mediterranean with national spiritual leaders. Extensive pioneering throughout North America, Spain/Portugal (Sefarad), Australia, Italy, Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and New Zealand (the ends of the earth)
•  Praising God through Hebrew Worship at the Vatican (disrupting the powers of hell)
•  Multiple ministry trips with teams to Israel
•  Deliverance ministry and equipping the church in setting captives free
•  Global Advocacy for Israel and the protection and love of the Jewish People

The current vision is the release of a new sound through music and the arts that will help cultivate a new move of God and touch hearts to come together and rise up in faith. I will be leading worship at a convocation in Spain over Sukkot 2023 and a ministry tour of Jerusalem for American Christians longing to make a deeper connection with the Holy God of Israel and with His People.

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