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A people who recognize the season we are in are rising up in spiritual authority.


Bridges are being made in governmental and religious sectors to bring dry bones together. Sheep and goats are separating in their maturity. Wheat and chaff. Good and evil. Salt and freshwater.  The body of Christ is coming together in love, no longer infants tossed by the world's waves. This rising Church sees the tree she is part of, the roots of Jesus and the branches of Israel. She has clear vision of what is to come and is building her faith for such tasks ahead.

Beho!d has been impacting the nations since 2013.

Recent highlights include:

•  New Zealand Christian school pioneering with Jewish rabbinical teachers
•  Apostolic assignments in Mediterranean nations with government leaders
•  Prophetic impartation to churches in many nations
•  Rome/Vatican prayer teams with national Catholic and Protestant leaders
•  International communications among Jewish and Christian leaders
•  Jerusalem prayer trips spanning over many years
•  Worship ministry around the world
•  Spain and Portugal interfaith reconciliation for two years
•  Street outreach
•  Deliverance ministry
•  Apostolic assignment on the island of Malta

•  Church teaching and prayer initiatives for Israel throughout the United States

The vision for 2022 is to strengthen the foundations between the Christian church and the Jewish people. This includes long-anticipated return to Israel with ministry leaders of Christian and Jewish faiths, reaching the lost and seeking in America, working internationally with ministry leaders, completing books and projects to further the Kingdom of God, and the future establishment of a ministry center in Jerusalem. 

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