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The book Water Walker is soon to be released digitally through Amazon and electronic-book formats, with printed books coming soon after!


Have you ever felt that Christianity should be more than the watered-down version the church offers? Have you yearned to give away your possessions and live a radical life for Jesus? Water Walker is the book for people who dare to leave everything behind to go deeper with Jesus wherever He calls them to go. 


This is the true account of one person who did just that, with no regrets, trading a successful New York career to run after Jesus to the ends of the earth and then alone to Israel with just a Bible, a backpack, and a guitar.  


You may be meeting Jesus for the first time or believing for a miracle in a storm. Wherever you are in your journey, Water Walker will inspire you to pursue a supernatural adventure with God that defies the laws of nature.


Heaven’s tsunami is about to break forth with God’s magnificent glory. Come up higher and see the events of the world through God’s perspective. 


You were made for such a time as this. 


You are destined to become a water walker with Jesus.


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